The brand

JD.Julia Davidian  is a niche brand, targeting the style of women and girls, who prefer avant-garde in the segment of modern fashion. The brand is developing in several directions: clothing and footwear, collections of which will be presented in 2017-2018, and accessories, which have been presented in the first released under the name of the brand line of jewellery made of coloured gems and precious metals.

Making a lot of experiments with the form and the materials, having studied the markets of bijou and jewellery, Julia decided to put together her knowledge creating a collection in the current trend of bijou jewellery.

Jewellery for every day at rather democratic prices and with a minimalistic style is a fashion accessory to complement the image. Understated geometry makes them up-to-date at all times, and precious materials – desirable for every girl.

A laconic name of the brand goes to the heart of its aesthetics. JD.Julia Davidian  is a brand combining in itself minimalism and texture, avant-garde and emphasis, thanks to which usual jewellery looks stylish, classy and noble.