Sacred geometry

Using gold and silver, the designer shows her love for complex solutions in work with soft precious metals, which under her guidance and in the hands of jewellery masters take clearly symmetrical strict shapes. According to the complexity of the work, the creation of such jewellery can be compared with high Jeweller’s art. As it is always the most difficult work – to create all minimalistic-ascetic and simple sculptural forms. Each item by JD.Julia Davidian is made of silver and covered with 22 carat gold.

Under the influence of widespread trend for 90s and the popularity of tiny, barely visible jewellery, the designer created a collection that is completely opposite to the commercial trend and consists of massive, self-sufficient and strictly geometrical items.

The main tendency of the collection – octagons. Regular octagons can be often met in our everyday life, from architecture of buildings to the form of the main designer’s tool for sketches – pencil. When creating the collection, the team did their best to choose materials and production in such a way that the final cost of each item would be affordable, because those jewelleries should be bought and worn. That is exactly why the cost of each item is calculated in such a way that even a fancy girl with anaverage income can afford it, preferring jewelleries made of natural metals to plastic ones. Semiprecious stones, such as malachite, lazurite, obsidian were used in the collection as well as rare noble stones - spinel, starlit, tanzanite. Though, to create some glittering, there are even Swarovski crystals, loved by many designers.